OPDSCo brings together peers/consumers, allies, and all those interested in the success of peer delivered services statewide. 


From 2013-2016, Mental Health Association & Addiction Association of Oregon (dba) (MHAAO)--a peer-run non-profit--received grant funding through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for the Oregon Health Reform Peer Network (OHRPN). OHRPN, a statewide network of peers, peer-run organizations, and peers working within the mental health system, worked to increase knowledge and outreach around the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform in Oregon. Through the OHRPN project, a need was identified to form a peer delivered services coalition.

After an extensive feedback and participatory input process, a grant was written and submitted to SAMHSA as a response to the 2016-2019 Statewide Consumer Network funding opportunity. In the summer of 2016, MHAO received notice that the grant through which OPDSCo would be implemented was awarded. A Project Director and Project Coordinator were hired in summer 2016. 


What We AIM TO Achieve

  • Increased training and networking opportunities for consumers/peers and those involved in peer delivered services (PDS) statewide

  • Collaboration with organizations, individuals, and networks across Oregon

  • Increased presence in Coordinated Care Organizations, and more PDS positions offered

  • Monthly "OPDSConnect" teleconferences to support workforce development

  • Reduced stigma related to the experience of mental health challenges

  • Advance PDS workforce

  • Promotion of recovery and wellness

  • Independent sustainability for OPDSCo by grant's end



Steering Committee (SC): Leads and directs the Oregon Peer Delivered Services Coalition.

Advisory and Evaluation Committee (AEC): Advises the coalition, and conducts evaluation tasks.